10 to 15% Off Your New Certainteed Roof!


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While Supplies Last Receive 10 to 15 % Off Your New Roof!


Your new Certainteed Landmark 30 year fiberglass laminate shingle roof awaits.

Our supplier needs to make room for new stock and we are having a summer blowout!

Certainteed is a leader in building products manufacturing and their shingles are no exception.

These shingles come with:

  • 30 year limited warranty against manufacturing defect
  • 10 year 100% non-prorated coverage
  • Algae block copper granule system that will aid in moss prevention
  • Great tear strength for a sure installation and wind resistance
  • Effective self-seal feature to prevent blow offs
  • Attractive color blends for your exterior design



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When you decide on your new Certainteed shingle as your product and The Canadian Roofsmith as your contractor you can purchase your shingles ahead of time to lock in your discount and have the work done when you’re ready.

theroofsmith.comIt’s as simple as that.

In Victoria, B.C. we roof 12 months of the year and you certainly don’t have to do your roof project in the summer.In fact the Fall and Spring are ideal times for your new roof installation but we go all winter too.

That’s the beauty of being a contractor in our lovely city of Victoria B.C.

Don’t Wait Until Supplies Are Gone!  Your Quality New Roof Is Calling!




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  1. Hi, what do I do if I’m interested in this?

    1. Hello Lisa, You can contact us through any of the links on this page which will lead you to our contact page where you can call,email or go to our facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you

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