How to Start a Roofing Business


So You Want To Start a Roofing Business…

And you’re not quite sure where to start and what steps to take. Lets take a look at few things and put a plan in place for you shall we?

The first thing you better have is a working knowledge of at least one of the 2 general broad areas of the roofing industry: Flat Roofing or Sloped Roofing. It doesn’t matter which one as long as you are able to take a project in one of these fields from start to finish on your own.Your knowledge of the installation is the most important factor when you start your roofing business as you will be the one guaranteeing your product. You will also be the one dealing with any issues and customer complaints that come up so make sure you are confident in your work and ready to learn,learn,learn.

Who Are You Going To Work With?

Ask yourself this question and decide what type of labor force you are going to need. When I started my company I was primarily doing residential re-roofs tearing off old roofs and installing a new roof. As a hands-on business owner I found that having one well rounded roofer/installer and one good laborer forming a 3 man crew was adequate for most residential (and some small commercial) roof projects.

It will be up to you to decide on the size and number of projects you want to take on.If you will be primarily in the residential market I would start out small with 3 to 5 workers including yourself.If the roofing business you are starting is going to go after larger commercial type work than will need a larger workforce. You’ll be needing more like 5 to 10 workers and the commercial angle will require more capital to get going but I’ll include those details in a later section.


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