Removing Moss From Your Roof


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Canadian Roofsmith Moss Removal

The Canadian Roofsmith in Victoria B.C. offers a variety of services when it comes to your roof. One of these is removing moss. Moss effects different types of roofs in different ways. The most common type of residential roof in North America is the fiberglass laminate shingle roof. Therefore I will focus on the moss removal process on this type of roof today.The problem with moos on a roof is twofold.It can create functional water flow and retention issues as well as cosmetic issues. Cosmetically,moss on a roof can make the home and roof look older than they are. We tend our gardens,mow our lawns and paint the exteriors of homes to keep them looking and removing moss from your roof can go a long way to restoring your home’s curb appeal .

Functionally,the moss is eating away at the roof. Its roots are growing into the granule of the shingles loosening it from the shingle surface.This can cause premature granule loss which can lead to premature shingle deterioration.When moss adheres to the “butts” of the shingles it is in effect retaining water on the shingle at it’s most vulnerable point close to shingle fasteners. On lower pitched roofs this could lead to leak issues.

We are adding the moss removal to our services at Canadian Roofsmith as we are continually asked about the effects of moss on a roof and if we perform the service. We have searched out various products and are recommending Wash Safe Canada’s Roof Wash as a green, eco- friendly alternative to bleach and other not so environmentally friendly products. I have shot a few videos showing the process of how I went about using this product and just what it takes to remove moss from a roof.

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2 Replies to “Removing Moss From Your Roof”

  1. I have moss on my roof and I thought it would be easier to get off. I do have a question, does large tree that is shading my home is the cause of this moss? I ask this question because the back of my home doesn’t have moss, it’s just the front where the large City Tree is at that the city never comes and trims unless I call and complain, I know that last part sounds a little complainish, but I’m complaining like a soul sista in a rap video, 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Hello Mela and thanks for your question. I’m always here to help when someone has a question about their roof.
      Moss can be a bit of work to remove from a roof. It grows right into the little granules on the shingles and takes a stubborn hold there.
      The tree isn’t the exact cause of the moss but it certainly promotes the proliferation of it. The tree provides shade and organic materials that will decay and provide a bed for the moss spores to germinate in. It will hold more moisture on the roof as well to help the moss grow. Typically moss will grow on the North side of things the best.However,when it comes to a roof,the moss will grow on any side if there is enough shade,moisture and organic debris.
      Please feel free to ask for help or suggestions with your moss problem.
      Thanks, Mela,

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